How do successful executives anticipate and manage risk while most others play safe and lose out eventually?

Risk savvy' CEO's caution themselves against acting in haste. A moment of indiscretion can snowball into a crisis of confidence.

Do we make commitments out of judicious choice or the dictates of convenience?

Prudent risk management strategies are developed from prior experiences that define the limits for safe exposure and quick recovery.

Any business development strategy demands creating adequate provisions to ward off risk.

Cultivated judgement calls for capitalizing on the insights and acting with foresight.

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We engaged Shekarsan, to institute a culture of System Intelligent Thinking in our team on a pilot basis at our plant at Madurai. Designed to function like a Self Managed Work Team, the team took..

- VR Janardhanam, Chief Operating Officer, Sundaram Brake Linings Limited.


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