This calculator is intended to help you estimate the opportunities for savings that is rarely visible to you.

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Step 1
Enter X, R, Z and $
Gross Contribution Rate of interest per annum Unit manufacturing costs. Service transaction fee Profit after Tax/ Number of Employees on rolls
Volume Indexed : Profit Lost due to a De-commitment in contracted business volume
Step 2
Enter the estimated number of un-billed sales units
Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Total
Lost orders
Non deliveries
Free offers and Unsold goods
Delivery Line stoppage
Delays: Products, Projects, Sales campaigns
Value indexed : Profit Lost due to a deviations from business policies
Step 3
Enter the value of vouchers expensed out
Discounts/ Credit notes
Penalties & Diputes
Bank charges & interest
Rework, Rejects & Waste
Time indexed : Profit lost due to additional interest burden imposed on the business due to delays and interruptions
Step 4
Enter the value & days cash locked up
Value Time Delay Total
Advances to Supplier (min)
Extended Sales Credit
Collection Delays - aging
Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Time Delay Total
Inventory idling - aging
Step 5
Count of unmanned positions
Workforce idling on bench
Absenteeism/ Vacant positions
Step 6
Sum up the totals on the last column to estimate the business gains foregone
Total untapped profit potential for the quarter (This total estimates the business gains foregone)