Comprehensive Approach

Spot the gap with 360 degree listening!

A competitive marketplace. Poor productivity. Inability to scale up.
Are you facing any of these problems?
The root cause of this is often a hasty and superficial approach to completing the diagnosis, followed by a patch work solution applied on a trial and error basis. More significantly, the effort to inculcate the new solution is often given up prematurely before being fully institutionalized.
Do you need help to spot the Gap?

The Shekarsan Approach

We offer solutions that differ from the traditional route with our comprehensive approach

Step 1 : We explore the various parts that constitute the whole business system
Step 2 : We connect the 'systemic failure' of the business to the systemic causes - structural imbalance, overload or fatigue. We identify the extent of deviation and estimate its contribution to the intensity and frequency of occurrence of the problem.
Step 3 : We diagnose the problem, spot the gap and offer the solution. Often corrected with a short term one time remedy, we generate feasible options for your consideration.

Implementing the solution

  • We work with the stakeholders to align their vision and perspectives with the reality on the ground - to recognize the performance gap
  • We identify the ONE single systemic weak link in the business model and secure a "buy-in" before linking the systemic gap to the performance gap
  • We suggest institutionalizing the habit of '360 degree listening' into daily work habit. This includes progressively refining the sub system to close the performance gap of the whole system.

How do you become the change your organization needs?

  • Detect performance gaps
  • Locate the origins of the performance gaps
  • Develop a short term remedy
  • Institutionalize a long term remedy
  • Design and install a robust system to eliminate the performance gap forever

Discover the gaps in performance with the Corporate Waste Calculator


"Shekarsan, in his inimitable and easy style showed that it was possible to combine individual initiatives into group effort to align with the company's ambitious big picture to achieve the..

- Air Commodore KNV Nair, VSM ( Ret'd) Associate Director - HR & Administration MacLellan Integrated Services India (P) Ltd.,


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360 degree listening
Spot the gap with 360 degree listening!

Reckoning the reality
Making your business shock proof and future proof!

Leading the Change
Charting your own course to non-linear growth!

Staying the course
Inspire your team to act with greater confidence.