Organizational Structure

FOUR features that characterize value addition

  • Sophisticated organizational structure and domain knowledge
  • Advanced organizational competencies to lead the market
  • Self managing workforce maturity
  • Increased power to dictate the prices and choices for the customers

The prime goal for any company is to migrate up the value chain. And this is to be done quickly and profitably. Migrating not just in terms of moving up but to scale up the organization's capability in offering a higher value for the same cost.

We at Shekarsan are in the business of assisting you to do just that.The tables below will help you assess yourself on where you are currently and guide you to target where you can move to in the future. Witness the gap and develop a plan to migrate up the value chain today. Call us today

Sophisticated organizational structure and domain knowledge

Shekarsan Edge Upstream (High End) Value Chain Downstream (Low End)
Industry Structure Leadership Organizational Structure Consolidation of smaller firms
Industry Knowledge Intensive Organizational Structure Resources and Energy Intensive
Delivery Platform Integrated scale Organizational Structure Fragmented and small
Financial IPR Intensive Organizational Structure Capital Intensive
Risk Appetite Low risk-High reward Organizational Structure High risk-Low reward
Margins Highest Organizational Structure Lowest
Premium Generation Value Appreciation Organizational Structure Cost Reduction

Advanced organizational competencies to lead the market

Shekarsan Edge Upstream (High End) Value Chain Downstream (Low End)
Growth Strategy Pioneering Business Organization and Management Follow the Leader

Self managing workforce maturity

Shekarsan Edge Upstream (High End) Value Chain Downstream (Low End)
Workforce Mature Managing Workforce Entry Level
Talent Differentiator Anticipation Managing Workforce Agility
Jobs/ Products/ Services Unique Managing Workforce Commodity/ Vanilla
Career Path IP Lead Managing Workforce Reverse Engineered
Talent Base Creative, Numerate, Multi-functional, Tech Savvy, Business Savvy, Manage Scale Managing Workforce Disciplined, Linguistic Skills, Specialist, Tech literate, Relationship Savvy, Manage Depth & specialization
Temperament Temperament Managing Workforce Employment oriented

Increased power to dictate price and choice for the customer

Shekarsan Edge Upstream (High End) Value Chain Downstream (Low End)
Team Power & Architecture Designer/ Custom crafted Organizational Structure Mass customized/ Personalized
Pricing Power Cash advance Organizational Structure Sell on credit
Information Power Business Analytics Organizational Structure Customer Analytics
Market Power Niche focused Organizational Structure User Segment focused


"Shekarsan helped the team to relate to the business goals and helped them prioritize the initiatives according to their relative importance... into manageable component modules. In the end,..

- Niketh Sundar, Global Head-HR, UST Global


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