Business Managers

Inspiring your team to act with confidence

Do your business managers find review meetings a chore?
Are they generally indecisive and anxiety prone?

Getting to the root of the problem...

Poorly conducted business meetings ruin business. Senior management must locate 'bottlenecks' to performance and provide relief, quickly and decisively. Research has conclusively established that managers, who are hard on people and soft on issues, impair the business. Ability to conduct an issue based and team oriented meeting is a mark of enlightened leadership.

Signs of a poorly run meeting:

  • Confusion: People walk in without a clear agenda carrying anecdotal data, wondering why they are there
  • Doubt: Poor quality of information sharing; people walk in and out of meetings, feel defensive and distracted
  • Delay: No shared commitment; aim to wrap up quickly with minimal short term pain and no long term gain
  • Status quo: Agree to make changes that protect the privileges and make the least of demand for new learning

The Shekarsan Approach towards effective meetings

Professional managers cultivate the practice of effective and decisive meeting disciplines. The key is in being tough on issues but considerate towards people. Business reviews need to be conducted following four principles as most sacred:

Triggers : Invite people on purpose and get them to come prepared to make an informed decision
Imperatives : Demonstrate a sense of urgency to own up the risk and tap into the opportunity for rewards
Pay back focus : Evaluate and quantify the risk of inaction and potential gains from action. Assign ownership
Systematic investment : Mandate factual progress reporting to secure milestone based resources to move ahead

Implementing the solution

The 3 essentials to focused meeting are:

Alignment to purpose : Meetings are classified into three types: Operational, tactical and strategic. The purpose and the schedule must be notified in advance with a clear mandate for achieving the outcomes.
Commitment to win : 70% of the success of a meeting depends on people feeling confident about what they know. Objectivity, rather than opinions and conjectures, provide the basis for deciding with confidence under uncertainty.
Energized teamwork : People feel most empowered when they undertake to do whatever they do, voluntarily and cheerfully. The chemistry of the meeting is defined by the style by which the issues are brought up for consideration and the participative nature of the exchange of seemingly contradictory viewpoints. When people learn to respect their differences and reconcile them to bear on the issue, they secure the results that are truly dramatic and inspiring.

Reality Check...

Do you feel more energized or exhausted at the end of a meeting?

  • If you feel drained out and disillusioned at the end of a meeting, you need help
  • If you feel charged up, make sure it stays that way!

Where do you stand in the value chain?


"Shekarsan, in his inimitable and easy style showed that it was possible to combine individual initiatives into group effort to align with the company's ambitious big picture to achieve the..

- Air Commodore KNV Nair, VSM ( Ret'd) Associate Director - HR & Administration MacLellan Integrated Services India (P) Ltd.,


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