Standalone Service

Shekarsan offers six standalone services tailored to your specific needs. These are aimed at enabling organizations to

  • Regain unity of purpose
  • Develop robust delivery systems
  • Raise the bar on productivity and earning

BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP - Six standalone offerings:

Focus: To help develop a self managed work force

1. BEWACS Executive Alert

Aim: Business Early Warning Alert Control System for Executives
Target: CEO
Result: Cultivate the power of foresight to lead the market and guide the investor.

Surprises - pleasant or nasty - are an inevitable part of the business lifecycle. Shekarsan can help you identify the nature, frequency and source of the surprises and help you eliminate them. And, bringing down the incidence of undesirable and non-value adding work can save costs and improve productivity.

2. Team working @ the top

Aim: Align the functional heads to one unifying purpose
Target: CXO group
Result: Blend the functional expertise into a sustainable competitive advantage.

In an organization, the teams of specialists are focused inwards, while the CEO is focused outwards. A "line of sight" connecting the functions to the market is essential to be "market-connected". Shekarsan can help you link the "voice of the market" and the signals within to provide a seamless view of the external world. This helps speed up response times and improves market intelligence.

3. Architecture for delivery excellence

Aim: Design and deliver scalable and reliable delivery platforms
Target: Profit Center Managers
Result: Consolidate daily experience into a body of institutionalized expert system.

At Shekarsan, we specialize in redesigning delivery systems for meeting daily demands. If you are a Small or Medium enterprise, you don't need to invest in expensive ERP systems. By refining your demands schedules and production planning disciplines, we can help you reduce the manufacturing lead time, track record of on time delivery and eliminate frequency line stoppages for the end client.

4. Influence the hearts and minds of employees and customers

Aim: Unleash the spirit of human enterprise
Target: CHRO and Heads of Business Units
Result: Behavior is communication. Practice the hard task of walking the talk.

Shekarsan can help you improve the quality of your business meetings with substantial savings in time and improved morale. It is particularly recommended for clients who are working towards an empowered self managed work team.

5. Coaching for Performance

Aim: Groom the amateur talent to perform like a pro.
Target: Individual executive.
Result: Institutionalize the core competencies until they become a daily habit.

The Shekarsan coaching engagement helps address the following competency need areas:

  • Sustained will power to be goal driven
  • Set, meet and exceed expectations
  • Build delivery capability within less time and fatigue
  • Build reliability
  • Widen the bandwidth for execution

And you can see the secure sustainable, tangible and evidence based results within 90 days!

6. Focus on results

Aim: Exceed expectations
Target: Top management
Result: Mobilize commitment and deliver to delight.

Do you wish to institute a culture of improved transparency, objectivity and participative style of decision making? Shekarsan can help you blend the automated decision support systems with a culture of disciplined and goal oriented reviews. You can now improve managerial productivity by standardizing the disciplines of routine decision making.


"Shekarsan helped the team to relate to the business goals and helped them prioritize the initiatives according to their relative importance... into manageable component modules. In the end,..

- Niketh Sundar, Global Head-HR, UST Global


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