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Shekarsan - Our role is to be a Catalyst for your Business

We help our clients gain a fresh perspective and reinvent their game!
A few insights from 35 years of enabling businesses to reinvent themselves...

Scale the gap of deep economic divide. Develop an athletic mindset

How do you make your mark in the business world?
At Shekarsan, our business solutions are based on the elementary principles of conservation of energy, material consumption and timing - to help you beat the challenges of material scarcity, unreliable supplies and technological obsolescence.

Pace the growth of intellectual asset creation

How do businesses that are denied access to proven bodies of knowledge or deprived the benefit of pre-packaged solutions, succeed? By building fool proof and fail safe business practices.

Our programs help our clients migrate from a world of sophisticated complexity to one of inherent simplicity. The business systems we develop are supported by disciplines that are failsafe and fool proof.

Our mantra - Invest in simple tailor made cost effective solutions and stay away from standard off the shelf prescriptions that are too difficult to upgrade and too expensive to maintain.

Fine tune financial muscle to stay solvent and cash rich

How does a business become financially literate?
By reducing wasteful efforts at daily work and improving on-time delivery capability.

Start viewing every business transaction as a time sensitive cash-flow exchange. And a cash rich operation is the best insurance against bad debt, bank interests and inflation.

Our system intelligent business solutions convert business risk into cash rich rewards; and crisis of margin erosion into opportunities for premium earnings.

Our methodologies are effective because they are tailored to your needs. And we commit to deliver FIVE distinct advantages that will help you scale up. To know more please check out The Shekarsan Edge.

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Identifying the need to educate our workforce on the market realities and to get them to work with less risk and higher productivity, Shekarsan helped us design and develop 'Kalasam' - a training..

- C Sampathkumar, President, Domore Tools and Accessories Private Limited


Launch Citibanking: One face one stop relationship banking!
A self funding annuity proposition that converted wate into wealth !
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360 degree listening
Spot the gap with 360 degree listening!

Reckoning the reality
Making your business shock proof and future proof!

Leading the Change
Charting your own course to non-linear growth!

Staying the course
Inspire your team to act with greater confidence.