Comprehensive Solution

Our focus: Comprehensive solutions to
help you move up the value chain

We are a team of professionals with over 35 years of industry experience. Our efforts are focused on helping organizations accomplish fundamental (paradigm) shifts in their approach to business:

Our Edge

We engage with organizations and work with them to

  • Deliver to expectations: One touch, on time and in full
  • Elevate the bar: Set, meet and exceed expectations
  • Custom-crafted resolution: Tailor the solution to match the exact requirement
  • Institutionalize best practices. Become the industry standard
  • Demonstrate a clear Return on Investment to become debt free

At Shekarsan, we focus upon and reinforce these very fundamentals and here is how we do it.

Close the credibility gap

We undertake complete transparency in communication within and across every employee and trade representative. We work aggressively to help our client 'live' the brand promise throughout the live cycle of their customers.

Tell it like it is

We undertake to 'banish fear' from the hearts and minds of people. When people demonstrate courage of conviction, they trust their own judgment. They behave responsibly and use their privileges with care. They act decisively and demonstrate a sense of propriety with a sense of urgency.

100% information integrity

Quality of the portfolio of assets is reflected in the accuracy of the information held about its true worth and long term utility. We work with our clients to sanitize the data collected at source and institute real time data and information management for on-time decision support and service delivery.

Focus on Fundamentals

To meet fresh challenges, an organization is required to constantly examine the way it works. At Shekarsan, our flagship offering addresses this need.

360 degree listening - Address the barriers and gateways to idea exchange.
Reckoning the reality - Comprehend the inherent risk and opportunities.
Leading the change - Define and live the meaning of trust, transparency and truth
Staying the course - Eliminate 'systemic noise' and tune into the 'signals' for resurgent growth.

Corporate Waste Calculator

Our Corporate Waster Calculator Tool has been designed to help you keep track of the benefits derived from the Shekarsan Edge. Benefits are tracked periodically and the gains delivered are reported along THREE distinctly quantifiable and transparently measurable ways:

Marketing Suggestions
More Cash : Profitable revenue growth with substantial build up of reserve cash.
Cost down : Reduced costs with increased scale of operations.
Speed up : Quicker response at shorter notice. No stock out.


Identifying the need to educate our workforce on the market realities and to get them to work with less risk and higher productivity, Shekarsan helped us design and develop 'Kalasam' - a training..

- C Sampathkumar, President, Domore Tools and Accessories Private Limited


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360 degree listening
Spot the gap with 360 degree listening!

Reckoning the reality
Making your business shock proof and future proof!

Leading the Change
Charting your own course to non-linear growth!

Staying the course
Inspire your team to act with greater confidence.