R Shekar

BE (Hons) MBA (IIMB)
Founder & CEO
Shekarsan Coaching & Consulting LLP

FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS Shekar led transformational change programs aimed at converting rich experience into world class expertise.

Be it tough business process reengineering in the 80’s, Six Sigma standards of excellence in the 90’s or the system integration for banking convergence in the new millennium, he promoted learning, innovation and a spirit of enterprise across nations, industries, people and organisations.

As beneficiaries, every investor, employer and customer had only one timeless expectation from their benefactors: They want their employees, suppliers and vendors to deliver exponential growth!

Shekar founded Shekarsan Coaching & Consulting LLP in response to the mandate to deliver superior Returns On Time and Talent Invested (ROTTI).

Shekar aims to promote strategic thinking and viable execution to develop transformational leaders. His mission is to help small and medium business owners compete and succeed to become ‘Super Achievers.’ When they professionalise their business operations, they transform their short term wins into long terms gains.

Shekar shuttles between Chennai, India and Auckland, New Zealand and can be reached at www.shekarsan.com

Why I wrote..

First generation solo business promoters fight on too many fronts and tire themselves out.

Do not have a management control system to help them steer their business.

They are too shy to ask for help.

Look Inside

Magic of Smart 2 Wise: Do you know What makes the Small Business a Great Business

Small businesses are nimble, quick to change and scale up faster.
SMBs deliver more than 50% of GDP.
SMBs ask for no subsidy.
SMBs create 9 times more jobs than Big businesses.
SMBs are self funded. Only 4% of them are funded by the Banks.
SMBs make up for the inefficiencies of big businesses.
SMBs deliver higher returns on net worth to shareholders.

For whom I wrote…

Progressive minded SME heads / First generation solo business promoters.

Family owned business institutions seeking professional insights.

Employee turned entrepreneurs who need a holistic view of business to realise their ideas.


Why Buy it?


  • Accelerate cash flow!


  • Sweat your assets


  • Quick earnings
  • Slow spending
  • Buying power


  • Debt free
  • Cash rich
  • Banker’s darling
  • Customers locked in
  • Competition locked out

Road Map