14 Features, 4 Advantage and 1 Benefit from Turnkey Management Consultants

The popular image of a consultant is one who borrows the client’s watch to tell the time and send a bill. Give unsolicited advice and walk away leaving the client poorer. This may be true but not the profound truth.


Any industry that has low entry barriers offers a level playing field to everyone.

Anyone who may have nothing else to do can claim to be a consultant. 

Clients place their trust in whomever they are comfortable with and get in with life. 

That puts the onus on the professional management consultant to distinguish their presence. 


Here are a few management consultants I had a chance to observe from close quarters.

They chose to be different. Distinguished themselves as a profession of a management consultant. 

Unmindful of being challenged the entrenched prejudices and showed the difference. 

Developed the features, advantages, and benefits that signified an irrevocable value proposition.

Lent respect, stature, and credibility to the industry. 

Took on a role that benefited the client the most. 

How do we measure the advantages accruing from any consulting engagement?

Four unmistakable outcomes for the client company could be:

Earn recurring returns from a one-time investment.

If you are looking for a consultant, think twice. Decide what you want the consultant to do for you and go with them. Take a long term bet. Go with a consultant who is intellectually honest. Has the executive bandwidth to translate your intent into shareholder value. Be imaginative and demanding.

After all, every company is known by the consultants they keep!