Beat the cash crunch BEFORE COVID-19 blows the business away! ‘LIILMOOS’ Mantra bridges the cash-flow deficit!

Why should businesses be shockproof, leak-proof, and risk proof?

Every business has to be shockproof, leak-proof, and risk proof.

Small businesses have braced themselves through a series of shocks since 2008.

Stock market meltdown, bank crisis, demonetisation, tsunami, floods, GST, and now COVID.

Bit by bit, the complete ecosystem for business has gone through a tectonic change.

Every business loses business volumes, value, and velocity, when the Nations lose GDP.

When all the three come down to zero, the business comes to a standstill.

We eat into our reserves or borrow more to meet mounting expenses.

Lose control and fall into a debt trap.

Why do companies resort to a piecemeal solution to a wholesale problem?

Tragedy is that few companies know the seriousness of their own situation.

Keep themselves busy fixing problems on a piecemeal basis.

Unaware of the rot that lies within, stay clueless about the risk they may be in.

Businesses that have sound management control systems, manage to survive.

Those that have no system go down like the Great Roman Empire.

No longer remain great, roman, or an Empire.

Likewise, without a control system, companies have neither the money nor the management.

When the inmates rule the prison, do we know who is in charge?

How to set up a management controls system when there is no money?

Tight money management system, by itself, becomes the management control system.

Most businesses fail to distinguish between borrowed cash and their own cash.

Do not set the generation of Net cash surplus as their primary goal.

Fail to keep their cashbooks/bankbooks up to date.

Do not have a practice of forecasting their weekly or monthly cash flow need.

Keep spending away like a government on ‘Vote on account.’

What are the seven symptoms of an impending bankruptcy?

Cash crunch signals a slow and doubtful cash inflow and a fast and firm cash outflow. Persistent and cumulative effect of cash crunch saps the vitality of the business. Such companies ignore the seven symptoms of impending bankruptcy.

Why is quicker cash rotation the only doable option?

Cash crunch is the natural consequence of expenses riding ahead of accrued income.

Cash trickles in slow and small measures while cash flows out in large big buckets.

The gap between the rate of cash inflow and the rate of clash out flow widens.

The problem will persist until we reverse that situation.

How to get the rate of inflow to exceeds the rate of outflow?

We can achieve this mission-critical activity in three ways.

Build more volume. It is difficult to build volumes when market size is shrinking?

Add more value add. It is difficult to increase the price or reduce costs

✔︎ Increase velocity. Doable option is to increase the rate at which we earn our premiums

It is not the amount of cash we put in that is the differentiator.

It is the number of times we rotate the cash that is important.

For that, the company needs to institute the magic mantra of LIILMOOS.

LIILMOOS stands for Less Input- Input Later – More Output – Output Sooner.

Here is how it works

What is the LIILMOOS Mantra to resolve cash flow deficit!

Less Input (LI):

Engage fewer people at work for fear hours.

Complete the value addition in fewer workstations with fewer moves.

Feed just the right amount of resources; neither more nor less.

Input Later (IL):

Feed the inputs in a sequence just in time; neither too soon nor late.

More Output (MO)

Step up the volume, value, and the velocity of throughput to a higher level.

Output Sooner (OS)

Adopt the seven rules to realise more cash, quicker than ever before. 

Deliver on priority to customers who pay cash advance.  Next in line could be the ones who pay cash on delivery. Last could be the customers who enjoy credit but pay on time. Avoid dealing with customers who beat us down on price and take their own sweet time to pay back. Speed up the recovery of over dues and advances. Repay loans to avoid paying interest. Most important, auction the obsolete and non-moving inventory.

What are the 13 ways to generate additional net cash surplus every day?

Active market intelligence would reveal cash-rich customers switched off by the competition. Time to befriends them for lie as captive clients. Sell them annuity earning deals like Annual maintenance contract payable in advance. Consumer durable and pesticide companies are doing that already. Retail companies encourage auto-replenishment for items of regular and recurring consumption. Up-selling and cross-selling helps beef up the quality of the order book and improve the hit rates. Quality order book Attempt delivering more with reduced downtime and maintenance. Reduce the margin of error and improve the factor of safety. Borrow less and save on interest rates. Get more reliable and reduce investment in backups and standbys.

Seriously can I bankroll my own operations and say bye-bye to bankers?

Who needs a bank when we can fund our own cash flow needs?

Here are three distinct ways you can bankroll your own operations.

LIILMOOS is the magic mantra to beat the COVID 10 and become a self-funded enterprise!