Nine Hallmarks of a Great Business Mentor!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Which image of yours do you like the most?

If you voted for your reflection on the mirror you are with the majority.

Which of the two are images do you believe is a fair and true representation of yourself?

Chances are you may still go with your mirror image.

And therein lies the flaw.

The mirror image suffers lateral inversion. 

What is on the right goes left and vice versa. 

A selfie suffers no such deficiency.

Why then do we prefer the mirror image?

Because we prefer to go with the familiar even if it were untrue. 

Hallmark # 1: Great business mentors help us own up to self-deception. 

Next time you ask, “mirror, mirror on the wall…”, you know what to expect!

Inner games we play

Have you ever lost to a weaker opponent?

Paid more for an inferior product?

Bitten off more than you can chew?

Rushed in haste and repented at leisure? 

The fault dear Brutus quoth Shakespeare lies not in the stars but right within us.

Yes, we are oblivious to the negative self-talk that interferes with our sanity.

Upsets our mental state and sets us up to suffer a needless disadvantage. 

Hallmark # 2: Great business mentors help us tune into the inner games we play! 

Remember, the state of mind dictates the styles of play!

Look within

Most of us are seasonal players. 

We let two conditions influence our motives, choices, and outcomes. 

The external conditions of weather and safety. 

The internal condition of our moods.

Play into situations we are anxious about and stay vulnerable. Feel victimised. 

Let the World take advantage of our naïveté, nervousness, ignorance, and dependence.

Stay stressed out, absent-minded, accident-prone, mind blocked, and helpless.

The solution lies in managing our moods. 

Release the sources of pressure and stay fired up. 

Hallmark # 3: Great business mentors help us pressure cook our genius!

Look within. 

Locate the bad stress and get rid of them. 

Cultivate good stress!


Life is a blind date. 

By the time we get to know what lies in store, it is either sold out or time out!

Have you ever sat for an exam where all the questions were out of syllabus?

Worked for bosses and clients who believed in demanding the impossible?

Went down a journey without a map or a guide?

Suffered a nasty surprise when you expected it the least? 

How do we make prompt and accurate decisions when the conditions are imperfect?

Vacate the ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Hallmark # 4: Great business mentors help us develop counter-intuitive wisdom

When surprises are a way of life, an agile mind helps develop sound business acumen!

Lost in space

How often do you make an ethical compromise and suffer a moral dilemma?

We live in a world with a mixed-up value system.

We may wonder why should we be honest when honesty does not pay?

Why speak the truth, when true lies and half-truth are valued the most?   

Why be prompt in our payment when it is easier to be a defaulter and get away with it. 

How to stay value-driven, principle centred and blow the whistle when we need to? 

Hallmark # 5: Great business mentors help us find our moorings and bearings!

Sanitise the World we live in. 

Level the playing field. 

Restore fair play!

Authentic presence!

Juvenile minds masquerade as ‘Puss in boots’ or ‘superman’ to appear larger than life.  

Many of us fail to outgrow our childhood fantasies as we enter adulthood. 

Live beyond our means and lead an inflated lifestyle on borrowed time and money. 

Flaunt our power, privileges, possessions, and connections to act big, high, and mighty.

Cozy up to celebrities on Page 3 and drop names to feel arrived in life. 

Enact a hand me down script. Suffer an identity crisis, serving time as a duplicate.

Hallmark # 6: Great business mentors help us stay primed up and future-focused!

What makes a person great is when she takes pride in who she is and dares to be!

Stay power neutral!

‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go,’ said Oscar Wilde!

Likewise, a few empower us when we are weak. Weak minds, take us for a ride. 

The wise know that power differential is stressful and unsustainable. 

While the weak take on the strong and fail, the wise match their might. 

Stay power neutral. 

Neutralise their source of strength and stay empowered. 

Hallmark # 7: Great business mentors help us take advantage of adversity!

Compete with our weaker self to get stronger. 

Translate our fortitude into fortunes.

Result - Extend the zone of comfort

Addicted to the comfort of soft life, we are reluctant to vacate the zone of comfort.

Physical and psychological comfort helps us recover from tiresomeness and stay charged up.

Overwork burns us out. Passivity saps our vitality. Lets the rot set in.  

Unable to carry our body weight, we become dependent. Begin to decay within. 

When we learn to tease our intellect and flex our muscles, we enjoy stretching ourselves.

Hallmark # 8: Great business mentors help us find comfort in the zone of discomfort! 

Prevent peaking out at the prime time. 

Be a peak performer.

Celebrate the triumph of human spirit!

Smart to wise

Richard J Machowickz, a Navy seal, relies upon one simple principle to survive in warfare. 

The targets dictate the weapon. Weapons dictate the movement. 

To my belief, personal and professional eminence operates on a similar principle. 

Our motives dictate our choices. Our choices dictate the outcomes. 

A conscious mind is alive to the motive. 

Exercises integrity at the moment of choice. 

Generates the outcomes desired, both within and without. 

Elect to live each moment of life by design or default. 

Hallmark # 9: Great business mentors help us become all that we aspire to be! 

Most of us wish to make our dreams come true. 

Very few live up to their dreams to be a leader and leave behind a legacy for posterity.