Why COVID-19 may be a blessing in disguise for the Business Mentor!

When I read about the wet market in China and heard about the Coronavirus last year, I thought this must be a China thing. 

We Indians eat green vegetables and need nothing to fear. 

Anyway, we are too far away and have the Himalayas to protect us. 

When Singapore shut itself down, I complimented them for being cautious. 

With so many Chinese there, precaution makes sense. 

When it came closer to Kerala, my minefield to make the connection. 

And finally, when it happened the World over including India, I realise that this is for real.

Reality bites when the far fetched gets closer and our worst fears come true.

Unable to wish them away any longer we contend with the stranger in the room.

Bubble kept bursting with alarming regularity until life came to a standstill. 

That is when I felt the receding waves erode the sand beneath the sole of my foot.

Shook up and swayed in disbelief wondering how long would I last before I got through.

It is over 125 days since we declared it official. 

Never knew that I was so good at helping the others beat the COVID 19 blues!

Refresh Reality - Virtual Coaching

Pre COVID mindset: ‘Virtual coaching must be ineffective.’

The analog World went digital in 1990.

Thanks to COVID 19, the digital went viral in 2020.

When I felt the game was up, I found a new game on the horizon.

Many of my clients refused virtual coaching online. 

They felt they felt coaching had to be face to face.

Post-COVID mindset: 100% of my coaching has gone digital!

And more Indians are coaching the World today than ever before.

COVID has opened up the World for Indian professionals.

The World is the same in a relative way,’ as Pink Floyd would say!

Digital ‘Nani’ locates the bug within - Change when the push comes to shove

Pre COVID mindset: It is not OK to be imperfect and vulnerable. 

Pushing past 70, the ‘Nani’ is the butt of ridicule because she is a digital dinosaur.

She felt isolated when everyone else had a digital device to play with. 

Stayed committed to Graham Bell and refused to switch to mobile. 

Sprang a surprise connecting with her ‘friends’ conferencing on ‘face time!’

Post-COVID mindset: Why be an ignoramus when quick learning can be so much fun.

‘Nani’ discovered a new digital assistant.

That does all her reading, writing, speaking, hearing, viewing, and learning online.

Do much less leg work and more brain works as she shops and buys more gifts.

That was her way of getting even with those who left her home and went shopping!

Eliminate fear, uncertainty, and doubt - Break the glass ceiling

Pre COVID mindset: It is safe to pay this way? 

Having grown up in a menu-driven picture-perfect  World, she was at a loss.

ATM’s ran out of cash and shopkeepers refused to touch the soiled notes. 

She had been avoiding the digital Payment gateways like a plague.

Post-COVID mindset: What to do when there is no other way? 

The biggest risk is the fear of taking risks!

She pinched herself and shook her head in disbelief.  

Phew! Felt alive and kicking without kicking herself out of the World! 

Thereafter she felt no loss of intimacy. 

If anything, with accessibility, she felt closer to the World than ever before. 

Managed to clear the cobwebs in her mind and broke the glass ceiling.

Get hands-on - Overcome helplessness

Pre COVID mindset: Offer a lame excuse saying ‘I am no good at this’ and cut loose. 

Conveniences of soft life had crept into our psyche to warp our lifestyle.

No infrastructural support. No housemaid. No ironman. Do it all by yourself. 

Felt unlike ourselves waking early and doing menial jobs. 

We prefer to be helpless when it comes to doing a job we take to infra dig and beneath dignity. 

Spouses today take turns sharing the housed chores. 

Discoed that there is no loss of prestige in doing it all by ourselves for ourselves. 

Take pride in our labour of love. 

What changed?

Post-COVID mindset: It pays to do it ourselves because there is no one else to do it. 

A shift attitude has helped us banish the taboos to bring ourselves to do what we must. 

Stop malingering and discoed the virtues of self-help.

Shake off the spell

Pre COVID mindset: Let things be

With so much time to spare, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Having to face up to oneself, we focus on aspects of ourselves we may have neglected. 

Recognising that beauty is more than skin deep, restore the work-life balance.

Post-COVID mindset: Make it better

Cut loose from the routines to be virtuous. 

Fend for ourselves, making the best of what is there.

End up getting a lore more done with a lot less and feel good about it. 

Rewrite your destiny - Open up more options

Pre COVID mindset: Don’t fix it until broken. Stick to limited options. 

Hold on to a dated hand me down script. Conditions change.

Know that one may be out of place, out of form and out of ken.

At wit’s end find it difficult to break free from captivity. 

Worry about becoming unwanted, jobless, and penniless.

Post-COVID mindset: Fix it for good before it gets worse.

Change the meaning of the day job! Open a new income stream. 

Become a self-funded economic entity. 

How about learning new vocational skills that have a trading potential. 

Break the mould. Take your passion. Learn a new trick of the trade. Make it happen. 

Make a business proposition: Your hobby plus social media becomes a new business proposition.

Punch above your weight

Pre COVID mindset: Consume the benefits. 

During times of change, jobs get scarce. Everyone is looking for safer and better options.

What kind of a job change are we looking for: Like to like or like to unlike?

Like to like change is comfortable but may not be available.

Like to unlike change may be available but not comfortable. 

Would we be ready to punch above our weights? Bite into something bigger and stretch?

Post-COVID mindset: Compound the benefits. 

Increase the bite-size every day and keep growing up for life! 


Explore the unfamiliar: Make my way!

Pre COVID mindset: No way: I am too busy to learn a new trick of the trade.

We limit our options by what we know and feel comfortable with.

Our choice lies in what we know nothing about and we may be uncomfortable with it.

What if we were to walk away from the path we know for sure gets us nowhere.

Why not be a jungle guide and explore the road less traveled?

Post-COVID mindset: I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am on my toes and raring to go! 

Keep going on and on!

Pre COVID mindset: I took to the air only when I felt safe. Waited for fair weather.

Post-COVID mindset: I am an all season player because I carry the weather with me. 

I have my own pet recipe that takes care of me!

I have learned to take the adversity in my stride. 

I roll with the punches and negotiate the tides. 

Shift gears and change the orbit to get on to a faster and safer lane.

I know how to deal with show stoppers and deal breakers now.

It may be COVID 19 today and something else tomorrow.

COVID 19, is no longer a bugbear but a blessing in disguise for me.

A mere ‘Presence of mind’ is all it takes to cultivate a ‘Make it happen’ mindset.

Get more time to smell the coffee. Watch the sunrise.

Life, after all, is what we make of it!