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My Readers Say

“A lucidly written, practical guide for every entrepreneur who will like to grow and make the business world class. The book is full of distilled wisdom drawn from successful global business as well as author’s own experience in such enterprises in India and abroad.”

– Dr. Arvind N Agrawal
Management Board Member, President – Corporate Development & Human
Resources, RPG Enterprises, Mumbai, India.

” The author has captured the agony and ecstasy of a first generation SME entrepreneur, who, faced with a mid life professional crisis, takes it upon himself to put his beloved company on even keel after a prolonged process of discussion and deliberation. There is a healthy mixture of precepts and practice to satisfy the believers and the skeptics.”

– V.R.Janardhanam
TQM Evangelist, Former Chief Operating Officer,
Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd.

“An easy to read, practical, common-sense approach that takes the reader from native wisdom to contemporary thinking. The story translates positive thinking into Attitude, Ambition and Action and finally Result.”

J. Srinivasan (JS)
Mentor Director of TTK Group.