Transformational coaching for Authentic Leadership

We believe in staying connected with our elements to enjoy doing what we do and, being who we are. Stay fired up to draw inspiration from within. Pursue ideas that are meaningfully challenging, intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling.

We adopt an inside out approach to transformation. Translate our innate strengths into a core competence. Internalise our values and beliefs into a formidable work ethic. Execute a personal win strategy to register credible gains.


Be true to self.

Seed the urge to grow.

Forge the will to win.

Pivotal shift

Post daily tactical wins
that enhance reputation
and elevate stature.


Reframe reality.

Refresh perspectives.

Renew the personal resolve to live up to ideals!

Inspirational coaching themes for business leaders and fast track careerists

Build trust

Help clients make informed choices. Earn credibility.

Personal fulfilment

Exceed expectations. Enjoy performing at peak potential.

Bond relationships

Partner to realise a growing life time value proposition.

Personal mastery

Be a force multiplier. Create a fly wheel effect.

Elevate benchmarks

Set, meet and beat industry standards. Scale a new high!

Quantum leap

Accelerate time value of money. Up the value in half the time.

Future focus

Stay battle ready. Sweat in peace. Don’t bleed in war.

R Shekar

BE (Honours) IIMB
Founder & CEO
Shekarsan Coaching & Consulting LLP. Chennai, India

Shekar is an Executive Coach & Business Mentor.

Offers a hands on approach to coaching that enhances the presence of mind. Recognise the ironies of life. Resolve the puzzles and paradoxes that inhibit growth. Cultivate a credo that sustains a self perpetuating virtuous growth cycle. He is a certified Executive coach from the Coaching Foundation of India (

Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

You thought you were safe and powerful.

Yet you feel unsafe and powerless now.

Feel you have everything at your disposal but detect a sense of void within.

Everything that appeared so near, tends to elude you and drifts apart farther and farther away.

Now what ?

  • How does it feel to be helpless inspite of holding on to all the powers we need ?
  • Unthinkable?
  • Described here are people like you and I, who presumed they were helpless and powerless at first.
  • Cracked the game of self deception, overcame their victimhood and discovered their spice of life!

Launches in September 2020!

Why I wrote..

Many of us are far too busy performing outdated hand me down roles.

Underlining our self worth and feeling miserable, making no one happy.

Playing proxy, betraying ourselves and burning ourselves out.

Reinvent thyself is a call to elevate our stature and enhance our self worth!

Turn the 8 keys now to unlock the powers within

Our self limiting beliefs are the attitudinal barriers that
limit the scope for having serious fun.
There are eight of them

I know all there is to know

Illusion of control. Bounded rationality. Stay absent minded and accident prone.

Wait and watch

Be risk averse and stat risk prone. Be on guard and wait for our worst fears to come true.

Proxy or a label am I?

Identity crisis. I wear a mask and fake my existence. Shy to be myself, I suffer through false identity

Show me the way

Never seek but keep asking for directions. Demand perfect weather. Procrastinate. Stay passivity. Suffer inertia and atrophy.

Stay put

Postpone the inevitable. This too shall pass. Things will sort themselves out. Can’t get any better or worse. Upbeat pessimism. Tempered optimism. Log jam, stalemate, false security or exaggerated threat perception.

Zero sum game

It is a zero sum. Winner takes it all. Loser takes the fall. Believe in making up a loss or paying out to win.

Motivate me

Spoil me with kindness. Propitiate me and keep me happy. Keep me ‘High’. Keep me pumped up all the time.

Stay helpless!

Profess to be clueless and helpless. Take life it as it comes. Stick to the familiar. Be Situation bound. Claim to be a victim of circumstances.

My suggestion: Presence of Mind 1 – 2 – 3 – 4.

My suggestion for cultivating presence of mind is to develop it in four sequential steps.

First read the book – Discover learned helplessness. Keen to cultivate presence of mind?

Undertake self study – Sign up for the self learning module. Know what it takes.

Seek guidance – Doing what you knows takes time. Seek and sign up for assistance.

Be self guided – Be on your own and enjoy Authentic happiness.

For whom I wrote…

Are you 35 and peaking out at your prime time?
Are you 45 and still to find your MOJO in life?
Are you 55 and drifting apart in life?
Stop feeling helpless, hopeless and clueless in life

Reflect upon the three questions and seek the answers from within

Who to bank upon and what to rely upon to negotiate the 35 plus years of life that loom ahead?
At an inconvenient moment, get a glimpse of the ‘Thin slice of reality.’
We pause to reflect on the reality of executive work life at three poignant phases in life.
35 plus: Peaking out at prime time.
We are at our best and ready to fire away on all cylinders. Feel bored performing career limiting roles that sap us of our creativity and enterprise. Lost in space, wonder

Who to bank upon and what to rely upon to negotiate the 35 plus years life that looms ahead?
45 plus: Perform or perish.
Having risen up the ranks and grown up with title, power, perks and privileges, we take them for granted. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. While the World gets increasingly unpredictable, we are under pressure to guarantee safety, continuity and peak performance. Feeling powerless, wonder to myself, ‘Do I have it in me to realise the essence of who I am ?’

How to unlock and capitalise upon my still born genius?
55 plus : Fend for yourself.
While we may feel over obligated to serve the establishment, find ourselves expendable.
Realise that we are no longer the asset we presumed ourselves to be. Forgetting whatever we may have delivered till date, we are looked upon as a liability that demands to be serviced and taken care of. Feeling insignificant ask myself, ‘How to unlock and capitalise upon my still born genius?’

Transformational thinkers turn such inflection points into a spiring board to spring back into life!



Explicitly stated goals lend purpose, meaning and relevance to life.


Many of us do not know how we block our own innate abilities to grow!


Focus, timing and tuning are the essentials for lifelong growth and happiness.


Harness the powers within to get up, above and beyond our limitations.